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If you are interested in the connections between ancient pagan and Christian symbols then look out for the recently published “Divina Cypria - Discovering the Symbols of Christianity in Cyprus” by Furio Morroni. Symbols covered include geometric shapes, flora and fauna, and imaginary creatures as they appear in art, architectural details and mosaics on Cyprus. The book includes over 500 images and is published by AstroBank in association with UNESCO and the University of Nicosia.

ISBN 978-9963-2451-1-6


Dr Emilios Solomou, Director of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Nicosia and President of the Cyprus Society of Historical Studies, wrote about this book:

«Furio Morroni has carried out extensive and exhaustive research into the Christian symbols found all over Cyprus on monuments of various types. He has compiled a book that is certain to become a point of reference for the general reader but also for researchers with an interest in this particular field. […] The combination of colour illustrations, photos and the lucid descriptions that accompany them make easy and pleasant reading. I am not aware of any similar work that covers this particular subject in such depth and detail. The book will be a valuable addition to Cypriot historiography; it will help illuminate another aspect of our rich historical, cultural and religious heritage. »


Mrs. Elena Korka is an archaeologist, PhD holder at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is presently Honorary Director General of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and about this book she wrote:

«Furio Morroni methodically organizes his rich material and approaches with ease ancient sources, myths and related ecclesiastical texts, illuminating both the mythological and conceptual background of the symbols in the art of late antiquity, and their new meaningful content, so that their re-use by Christian artists can be entirely understood. […] The fundamental aspirations of the art of Christian symbols were to understand and spread the principles of Christianity and, at the same time, to protect and conceal these principles from its persecutors. […] In an impressive way, the author succeeds in making the aforementioned understandable and deepens and highlights the underlying meaning of the symbols, to reveal their occult and highly symbolic and didactic “iconography”, which was accessible only to initiates. The final result of Furio Morroni’s research effort is the complete exposition of the intellectual expression of early Christian art in Cyprus. The book is a unique and valuable tool for every reader thirsty for knowledge. »

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